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The Finnish Parkinson Foundation supports research

The Finnish Parkinson Foundation has been involved in funding several research projects and doctoral theses focusing on movement disorders.

Research results have contributed to building our knowledge about Parkinson’s disease and have helped us to understand the problems faced by those diagnosed with the disease. Understanding the underlying mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders and developing their treatment and rehabilitation call for continuous research efforts.

The Finnish Parkinson Foundation accepts grant applications once a year. The closing date for submission of applications is 31 January, which is the date by which must arrive at the Foundation.

Grant types

The Finnish Parkinson Foundation provides financial support for scientific research into Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.

Available grants

(i) research grants (we prefer research towards a doctoral thesis);

(ii) travel grants for participation in a scientific congress (requirement a poster or an oral presentation);

(iii) project grants for more long-term postgraduate studies at a foreign centre specialising in research into movement disorders.

Updated 5.10.2022