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Application instructions

The application period runs from 1 to 31 January every year. Grant applications must be dated and signed (by the management of the place of research and the applicant) and submitted to the Foundation no later than on 31 January.

Fill in the application online and submit the completed application to the Foundation’s database. Print out the completed application from the database in the ‘My applications’ section, sign it (also remember to obtain signatures from the management of your place of research) and also submit a scanned version to the Foundation via the web app.

Printed and signed applications can also be sent to the Foundation by post to: Suomen Parkinson-säätiö sr, Asiamies Terhi Pajunen-Mäkelä, Itäinen pitkäkatu 27 B 31, 20700 Turku, Finland. If you send your application by post, please bear in mind that it must arrive at the Foundation no later than 31 January. (Send the letter on 23rd January at the latest.) If you need to post the application and scanning is not possible, please do not use UPS or a registered letter.
Write your application concisely, focusing on the essentials: what makes this specific research special and meritorious. The space available is limited and we no longer require any attachments.
An applicant may only apply for a personal grant for their own personal use. A research team leader may apply for a grant for the team to be paid out as salary, but a personal grant cannot be further awarded to a team member.

You can only apply for a travel grant for a specific congress and an awarded travel grant cannot be transferred to another congress. A travel grant for a single event may not be awarded to more than one applicant on each research team. No unused travel grant money may be used for other purposes; instead, the latter half of an awarded travel grant will only be payable upon submission of a report, a poster (or an abstract) and receipts. Receipts must provide evidence of payments made. The report should include a bill of costs.

Each application form can only be used to apply for one type of grant. If you are applying both for a research grant and a travel grant, for example, you should fill in a separate application for each one. If you only intend to start using the grant between 1 January and 30 April in the year following the year of application, please indicate this clearly in the ‘Purpose of grant’ section of your application. As a general rule, you should start using the grant during the year of the award.

You can save drafts while working on the application. In the event that you cannot access an application saved using an older browser version, try another browser. If you notice an error after submitting your application and wish to submit a new one, you can request the Foundation to cancel your first application. We will not return any applications.

After filing your application, you can view the status of your application and the Foundation’s decision by logging in to the Foundation’s website. After you have received a decision on awarding a grant, we will ask you to provide your payment details. Once you have used the grant, you are required to report on its use within 3 months.

In the event of any problems, you can turn to the General Secretary for help by calling +358 400 824 438 or by sending an e-mail to saatio(at)parkinsonsaatio.fi.

Updated 17.12.2020

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